Aug 7, 2014

A-Cat Nordic Championships 2014: Thomas Paasch Champ

Images: Nordic Championship.- Thomas Paasch won the 2014 Nordic Championships on a Nikita equipped with Exploder Js & T rudders. This could be the first racing successful upgrade of a non 'factory' flying platform. I think this can be done with the Marstroms and other non flying setups.

On the upgrade, Thomas published some videos where he was learning to fly his Nikita and they were anything but smooth on those first rides, surely far from the winning mode he had last year with several 1st places. 

But this is the appeal imo on current non auto flying mode.  You need to work your skills to excel. Even morel in 5knot racing or chop where standard setup has still an advantage.

Paasch decided to upgraded his foils, he trained hard and rewards came in the shape of a Nordic crown. Sweet reward on the efforts and hours invested.  Check Thomas report at A-Class official website