Jul 19, 2014

Americas Cup 35th: Fiasco Challenger x 2...

Image TAUS. End of the journey for Team Australia. When we labeled the recent released Protocol as a Fiasco, it was mainly on how the Challenger accepted many impositions that were out of common sense for any Club wanting to actually Challenge Oracle for the Americas Cup. After the critics Ian Murray, Team Australia CEO, said it was the fairest protocol ever.. days after many changes were proposed by Oracle.
Check IM comments by Sail-World at Sail-world.com/index.cfm?nid=124684

One of the most strange points was, and is still is, not having a defined venue. Making life hard for contenders to get the desired funding. Now the 35th Challenger, Team Australia, has abandoned the ship just like Onorato did in AC34. In both occasions the next Team in the line is a rather a partner for Oracle than a tough Challenger as maybe Team NZ could become.

The only ones looking bad in each occasions are the Clubs that put their names for becoming the 'Fiasco Challengers'...
Below Press Release by Americas Cup: "The America’s Cup organizers have received notification from the principals of Hamilton Island Yacht Club of their intention to withdraw Team Australia from the 35th America’s Cup.
“We are very disappointed to be receiving this news,” said Russell Coutts

, Director of the America’s Cup Event Authority (ACEA). “We were excited to have Australia as a challenger and we were also looking forward to the prospect of holding America’s Cup World Series events in Australia.

“But our focus going forward is with the teams that have already submitted challenges and the teams that have told us of their intent to do so before the entry deadline on August 8th.

In the meantime, ACEA is continuing its work to select a host venue for the America’s Cup in 2017. The selection process is progressing well with an aim to announce the final venue in October.

Ben Ainslie Racing (BAR), which revealed its America’s Cup team in a gala ceremony in London last month, had this comment:

We remain supportive of the Defender’s continued drive towards a more commercial event format, along with a more sustainable future for this historic trophy. BAR will be bidding to host two America’s Cup World Series events in 2015/16 at our new home in Portsmouth; as a key part of the road to the 35th America’s Cup. While the withdrawal of the Challenger of Record is regrettable, it is also not unusual and we will continue our own preparations for the 35th America’s Cup and look forward to an exciting future."