Jun 24, 2014

F16 Worlds 2014 @Newport: Schedule

Formula 16 Worlds will start today at Newport , Rhode Island. The Class has acquire International status some years ago. Youths Ravi Parent & Sam Armington, Robbie Daniel, the McDonalds and the Glaser among the favorites.
Check entry list at http://f16worlds2014.org/

-Saturday, June 21
Charter Boat Deliveries
Brooke Gonzalez Advanced Racing Clinic (Youth)
-Sunday, June 22
Advanced Racing Clinic continues
-Monday, June 23
9am - 6pmRegistration and measurement
2pmPractice race
6pmOpening ceremony
-Tuesday, June 24
Racing Day 1
-Wednesday, June 25
Racing Day 2
-Thursday, June 26
Racing Day 3
5pmHarbor Hot-Dog Competition
-Friday, June 27
Racing Day 4
5pmPrize Giving