Jun 10, 2014

Americas Cup: Ben Ainslie will Challenge with a British Team

One of the best Catamaran "rookies" in past AC45 Series and AC72 helming was Ben Ainslie. Literally a winning focused machine on the 45s who later pushed Spithill to the limits to be the Nr 1 helm for Oracle, plus becoming the winning tactician for the final races.
Now with British support Ainslie will challenge Oracle to take the Americas Cup back to the UK.
On the two boats advantage he commented that "this is the Americas Cup", in line with Dalton words on usual advantage to the defender.

Sailing, Tradition, Royalty and an AC45. Cats are now part of the Establishment... Good case of Trickle UP!
Former Alinghi / Oracle Dirk Cramers is part of the Design team, along Luc Du Bois (A-Cat sailor, ex Alinghi/TNZ) plus Argie Rodrigo Azcueta in CFD. (ex Juan K)

- Team Video below & Here.
- Press release by BAR Racing  Benainslieracing.com
- Additional comments on a Live transcript at Telegraph.co.uk

Ben Ainslie Racing Team Members:Design Team
Andy Claughton (GBR) – Design and Naval Architecture
Dirk Kramers (NED/USA) – Design and Engineering

Clay Oliver (USA) – Design and Performance Simulation
Rodrigo Azcueta (ARG) – Design and Computational Fluid Dynamics
Luc du Bois (SUI) – Instrumentation and Performance Analysis
Francisco Azevedo (POR) – 3D Modelling
Jason Ker (GBR) – Design and Naval Architecture
Matteo Ledri (ITA) – Computational Fluid Dynamics
Johannes Mausolf (GER) – Performance Prediction and Software Development
Benjamin Muyl (FRA) – Design and Naval Architecture
Simon Schofield (GBR) – 3D Design and Modelling
Benjamin Vernieres (FRA) – 3D Modelling

Sailing Team
Sir Ben Ainslie (GBR) – Skipper
Jono Macbeth (NZL) – Sailing Team Manager

Andy McLean (NZL)– Sailing and Design Team Liaison
David Carr (GBR) – Sailing Team
Matt Cornwell (GBR) – Sailing Team
Nick Hutton (GBR) – Sailing Team

Investor Group and Board Members Sir Charles Dunstone – Founding Shareholder and Chairman
Sir Keith Mills GBE – Founding Shareholder and Board Member
Chris Bake – Founding Shareholder and Board Member
Peter Dubens – Founding Shareholder
Robert Elliott – Independent Board Member
Lord Michael Grade CBE – Independent Board Member
Lord Irvine Laidlaw – Founding Shareholder
Ian Taylor – Founding Shareholder
Jon Wood – Founding Shareholder and Board Member

Management Team
Sir Ben Ainslie (GBR) – Team Principal and Skipper
Jono Macbeth (NZL) – Sailing Team Manager and Sailor
Andy Claughton (GBR) – Technical Director
Andy Hindley (GBR) – Chief Operating Officer and Chief Finance Officer
James Stagg (GBR) – Shore Team Manager
Jo Grindley (GBR) – Head of Commercial, Marketing, Communications and Events