Jun 17, 2014

A-Cat Europeans @Cercle Voile Bordeaux, June 21-29: Ashby & Barker In

This 2014 Europeans at Bordeaux are going to be an unofficial Worlds, with all the top riders present and 116 boats in the starting line. Europeans web cerclevoilebordeaux.com
Preview with event Coordinator Hervé Ledue at a-cat.org/?q=node/388

The event could be a nice chance for James Spithill to walk his latest talk, having the chance to race a 1 to 1 match against Barker. 

Check entry list at cerclevoilebordeaux.com/classeA/race-docA/listes-inscritsIn January 2011 Barker ended 5th behind
Ashby, Brewin, Bundock & Landy at the Aus Nats: catsailingnews.com/2011/01/class-australian-nats-final-day.html
Jimmy had another good results, 5th overall in 2012 behind Ashby, Outteridge, Brewin & Bundock :

So if I remember well they still have to race in the same event, and it could be a nice show seeing this two talented Cat & Cup sailors sailing solo without the tech millions behind and below them.

Ashby will be attending the Formula 18 Worlds at Ireland after Bordeaux . He will race with Brett Goodall on a C2. Official website http://2014.f18worlds.com/