Jun 15, 2014

A-Cat North Americans 2014 @Sail NC: Bruce Mahoney 1st

All pictures and video by Sail NC / © OceanImages.co.uk - The hosting club,  Sail North Carolina provided a perfect venue for this 2014 North Americans. Many sailors were happy on the sailing but also on the surfing at the Outer Banks. For me that is a perfect spot to host a Catamaran Racing regatta. 

Bruce Mahoney was the most consistent and race on flighting mode but ended 1pt ahead only ahead of Ben Moon, who scored 3 bullets out of six races but an initial 4th let him 1pt short of the title. 
Jeremy Herrin showing he will be a Worlds contender in years to come and I hope he will be riding his own built A-cat in years to come.
Official report below. The coverage was first quality with daily videos and pics, results were published at the end of the races too.

All in all 10 points regata for Sail NC, that from now on will surely host more Cat Racing events without a doubt.

- Full Gallery at Sail NC FB
- Top 15 below.
- Full results at Here

Official Report
Mahoney Crowned New North American Champion By One Point
Moon Misses Win After Hooking Crab Pot on Final Day; High School Student Herrin Rounds Out Podium

"The Outer Banks’ Croatan Sound had a going-away gift for the nearly 50-strong 2014 SailNC A-Class North American Championship fleet on their final day of racing; Perfect weather and a beautiful, 8-12 knot Northerly breeze. Houston’s Bruce Mahoney found himself back on form after falling to second place overnight to Friday’s standout performer Ben Moon; the Texan led from start to finish in the first race of the day, while Tampa Bay’s Moon saw his championship slipping away. “After catching a crab pot, I found myself in something like 13th place on the first race,” said Moon. “I was able to grind back to 5th, but with Bruce winning that race and taking a 2-point lead, I knew my chances of taking my first North American title were slipping away.”

Moon’s 5th place in Race 5 would prove decisive. Despite his sailing to a monster win in the final race - finishing more than 3 minutes ahead of the second place boat - Moon couldn’t overtake Mahoney’s lead.

This is Mahoney’s first North American Championship win, and he said it was one of the most challenging regattas he’s ever sailed. “We’ve had just about every condition you could possibly have in what was basically lake sailing conditions all week, and with Ben pushing me constantly, there was never a lot of room for mistakes,” said Mahoney, who welcomes the chance to return to Manteo for another event. “The hospitality here in North Carolina was wonderful, and SailNC did a great job with extremely fickle wind conditions; just a great time all around.” Moon agreed. “We stayed out at the beach and surfed every morning before sailing, and you just can’t beat that!”

18 year old Jeremy Herrin rounded out the podium, finishing 6 points off the leader, and he said he felt good about it. “I got fifth place in the North Americans last year, so this is a solid improvement and I’m pretty happy,” said Herrin, who started the day in 28th place. Herrin says he thinks more young adults should be sailing these boats. “Ask around at your club or email the Class association; it’s one of the most helpful bunch of people around and non-stop fun.”

Seattle sailor Ken Marshack earned the distinction not only of traveling the furthest of any competitor, but also the title of “North American Intergalactic Champion”, a voluntary sub-class for older boats and bodies. “It’s been great fun, and I want to thank the volunteers and SailNC for a wonderful time,” said Marshack."

Pos Sail Boat Desing Helm R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Disc Tot
1. USA 311 USA 311 A Cat Bruce Mahoney 1 3 2 2 1 2 [3] 8.0
2. USA 322 AUS 11 DNA Ben Moon 4 2 1 1 5 1 [5] 9.0
3. USA 31 USA 31 O Jeremy Herrin 2 52/DNF 3 3 2 4 [52] 14.0
4. USA 310 none A Class Woody Cope 5 1 10 52/DNS 3 3 [52] 22.0
5. USA 230 Bas Clas DNA Bob Hodges 3 9 4 4 6 5 [9] 22.0
6. USA 320 el Presidente DNA A Class Bailey White 12 4 5 7 10 7 [12] 33.0
7. USA 465 USA 465 A Cat Bob Webbon 6 12 9 6 8 10 [12] 39.0
8. USA 192
DNA Ken Marshack 8 8 6 12 14 6 [14] 40.0
9. USA 193 Vict Secret DNA Christopher Brown 10 14 13 8 7 8 [14] 46.0
10. USA 135 n/a A Cat Tracy Oliver 7 11 7 11 18 11 [18] 47.0
11. USA 37 GUNBOAT DNA Peter Johnstone 15 23 8 5 11 13 [23] 52.0
12. USA 231 New Boat The O Rush Bird (M) 9 7 12 18 19 28 [28] 65.0
13. USA 335 Zing. A Class LR5 Martin Hamilton 23 17 15 9 9 16 [23] 66.0
14. CAN 44 Woodscraft A Class Larry Woods 14 6 20 17 13 18 [20] 68.0
15. USA 99 Hall Spars Barracuda 2 Ben Hall 32 15 35 10 12 9 [35] 78.0

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