May 18, 2014

RSBC Youths Flying the Phantom @Carnac / Eurocat 2014

Images Pierrick Contin, Nicolas Felix/Phantom International & - Video Phantom International.
This was a great day at Carnac with the Royal Belgian Sailing Club Youth foiling the

Flying Phantom, they grabbed the pace in  a few minutes.  Henry Demesmaeker, Aurélie Van Schoote and Alec Bague got the rides of their lives! They are good, but if a kid can do it, any other grownup with some experience can do it too.

Alec Bague is also crewing for Nathan in the last part of the video I shot at Carnac. For those going nuts with the foiling and else: There are places and playgrounds in this huge Planet 'Water' for all, just enjoy your ride and let others do the same. Just look at those kids faces... Enough said.

Details & Press Release by Phantom International at

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