May 5, 2014

Peyron & Outteridge Flying the Phantom @Carnac

Teaser pics from these two great sailors, more material and interviews coming next days.
Definitely this week at Yacht Club de Carnac was one of the best ever I had the chance to live.  The racing, the place and the people. And then as a plus this amazing boat, the Flying Phantom.

Having Nathan and Loick onboard and being able to be a first hand witness it was really a privilege.
Ending the session crewing the FP for Nathan and 'teaching him how to helm'.... was a nice way to end this great week.
I want to thanks Alex Udin for his invitation and congrats him, Gurvan Bontemps, Ben Amiot and the entire team (past & present) for putting on the water such a Machine.  Also to Nicolas Felix, head of Communications for the FP project, for being such a good host.

Believe me the FP is a weapon as never seen, and for the size, the stability plus the handling this boat is pure perfection.

I'm about to take the plane to Buenos Aires, so here some teaser pics.
More material & videos later in the week.

Don't you miss the Eurocat next year, Brittany landscapes & sailing conditions, its people & the Yacht Club Carnac will provide you a lifetime experience.