May 28, 2014

Mattia F18 & Oxo Sails: Winning Combo

Local equipment is winning races in Italy. Report sent by Marco Radman: "In this first part of the 2014 season in we are seeing two Italian designs doing well. The first is definitely the Banga F18 built by Luca Filippi sailed by Saragoni-Filippi, and the other is the Mattia with the new Oxo Sails by Manuel Vaccari.
Oxo Sails is a very well known sailmaker in the A Class among others.
This year Mattia F18 crew, Radman-Cioni, is sailing with Oxo Sails (Main, Jib , and Gennaker).

The first two races of the national F18 circuit went very well for us, with two wins at Punta Ala and in Vada (look results in )! The mainsail "Testatonda" seems to have a lot of potential and it works superbly in upwind."