May 19, 2014

Italy: Banga F18 performing

Glad to see Luca Filippi's project going so well. His boat is the latest design launched in the F18 and this kind of custom projects are key for the Class as I always point out.

Luca with Daniele Saragoni were 2nd at Circolo Velico Pietrablanca behind Marco Radman & Luca Cioni.

The Banga F18 is looking good, congrats Luca!

Luca is using Boulogne Cirrus R mast/beams and Ullman sails. The same conf

I pretend to use for the F18OP to be sailed at BA F18 2016 Worlds. The project is still alive, 
just waiting the right moment

and gathering the resources. Meanwhile I'm refining the hull, and made some changes from previous
version. If you need beams and mast contact Anne Boulogne at