May 9, 2014

A-Class, Spanish Cup 2014: Manuel Calavia Champ

Images David Villanova. Manolo Calavia, won the Spanish Cup among a good fleet of 18 boats. He reports a superior performance (he is current European Champion) on his flying mode Dna with Exploder rudders. 3 brand new Exploders were also delivered at the event but as per Manolo's report they didn´t showed the potential Nathan had at Takapuna.  Check full results at

More than 100 boats already confirmed for the Europeans, that are already a success beyond edit: not having members of the of the Italian fleet attending. The Euros at Bordeaux are going to get interesting also in terms of equipment development after the breakthrough experienced at Takapuna. Info on the Europeans plus local conditions on this Hervé Ledue Q&A I made on the IACA web