Apr 13, 2014

GC32: New Wings Performing & foiling Upwind

This is looking pretty good, with the AC72s, C-Class and the Flying Phantom design & testing experience behind, the GC32 gang (Macca, Mischa Heemskerk and others) is achieving some impressive out of the box flights on their newest foil setup,  inherited from cats mentioned above.

They flew in 6 knots with the L rudders days ago, and now they've upgraded to the finished T ones. They even end foiling jib/spi only on at halyard failure returning to shore...
So now you have the 18-20s plus the 30' foot production range covered. Nice work from the GC32 Team. They can match up now with the TNZ SL33s now.

Check GC32 website at www.thegreatcup.com & www.facebook.com/GC32Racing 

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