Apr 16, 2014

All Terrain Foiler

Sent by Philip Kenchington - www.c-fly.co.uk -
"Imagine a sailing boat that overcomes all of the practical and technical challenges of hydrofoil sailing:
-Cannot pitch-pole capsize (By design and proven)
-Sails in both flat and rough open water – Designed for offshore sailing
-Sails in light and strong winds
-Sails in both displacement and hydrofoil mode
-Sails without any form of active electronic control system, mechanical flaps or wands i.e. auto-stabilised
-Designed for maximum stability, speed, safety and high average speeds; cruising 25-40kts
-Conceptualized, designed, developed, tested and conforming to aerospace industry standards by leading aerospace engineers

-Benefits from greatly reduced drag, providing (at least) a 10 knot advantage over existing craft
-Ensuring very high average speeds in most conditions
Very smooth motion (or ride) providing much reduced fatigue of crew, equipment, rig and hulls.
-Elevated 'flight' means freedom form wave action and pounding.
-Cruises faster than an America's Cup 45ft catamaran at full tilt (27 knots)
-Can set new and beat existing offshore sailing records. Creating new and acquiring existing trophies.
-Giving 'Hot Seat' experience that is more unique than going into space. (Fewer people have 'foiled' than have been into space).
Can be sailed by amateurs and pros alike!
-Generating unmatched and uniquely valuable PR opportunities
And is simply unique.........
Proven with an 8m Coastal version." Peter Kenchiington www.c-fly.co.uk

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