Apr 7, 2014

A-Class: New Scheurer G7 foiling mode.

As you know I've been quite low profile on the A-Class discussions, publishing everything I recieved and looking for several points of view. After the Worlds I wrote that the Class had changed gears after the event, and that foiling was not a matter of discussion even under current rules. Right now if you don´t fly you don´t have a chance (if you are to par with the top sailors) thus the great  & justified concern from many people that loves the As. As I've been reporting excellent Formula Class racing for years, with too many designs avaiable to perform.

But when earlier today I received this material from Sandro Caviezel,

it just made an additional click, I thought, this is it, no turning back possible beyond it is already an utopy to go back to short straight boards / no winglets.
There is no other technical solution whatsoever that can forbid airborne As by rule (Remember again Raphael Censier flying/jumping a legal setup with constant curved boards no winglets)

Video below from their first session is quite impressive, and the best legal foiling A-Cat video since Nathan clips from Takapuna. For more info on the Scheurer G7 contat Andy Scheurer at www.scheurerwerft.ch

The builders are now working in flying mode switch, even Bimare (as reported openly by themselves) are going for flying options. With the launch of the Scheurer G7 a milestone is created and the path for the future engraved.

This beyond floating and flying boats willl continue to race together, even with a separated raking as proposed by the French Assoc.
That is a good idea in the sense of trying to match your skills on even equipment. The only problem

is that categories could only be defined by the sailors entry itself,  as remarked above only secure 100% bullet proof technical solution of non flight is to race with short straight boards perpendicular to the beams and no winglets.

And nobody is going to modify their current boats to fit them, that is another utopy thus the fruitless attemps to ban foiling from the Class. That It is now simply impossible.

But this idea of two rankings could be implemented as an additional motivational trophy for these transition times, although the responsibility to define if you ride a foiling boat or not should be delegated not to measurers, but to the sailors themselves on a signed statement:  "I cannot Fly" informal category.

Much like Honoring golf rules when nobody is seeing you, you impose a penalty yourself no matter what.
This is the only viable and reasonable solution I can think of based on the proposal by the French Assoc.
And could put some good vibes again in the Class. 

4-5 Arg sailors are going to Bordeaux, I'm going to learn and report by my own invited by a good friend, and also looking to charter a boat to race. 
The idea is to learn sail/race these incredible development Class boats. 
Skim, Fly or Float, it really doesn´t matter.