Feb 12, 2014

A-Class Worlds 2014 @Takapuna, Young Guns vs 'Grand Masters': Burling , Landy & Anderson lead

- All images above by Paula Kopylowicz / Exploder.
- Images left by Sailingeventstakapuna.com
- Detailed report & comments on the AGM meeting by Bob Griffits at IACA official website: A-Cat.org
Full Results at Sailingeventstakapuna.com
What a great event. Beyond all the technical and speculation blablabl we like to post for your information we also asked for all round conditions, and they are getting them. Today +18knots, challenging the previous weather forecast.  Glenn Ashby won the first race and a DNF in the second one left him in 19th overall, but the rest of his scores are 1,2,1 , at first discard he might lead again, although he already has a fixed DNF to worry about.

It seems the high lift of Nathan setup got him in trouble again as in the NZ Nats check pic left with him hanging aft his Exploder. Yesterday in 5-10knots he was the fastest by far.

High winds specialist and 2012 WC Mischa Heemskerk got back with a 5 and a bullet for a 15th overall. Check last image to the left, Mischa says is the finish of the last race he won, Landy is too close for not being able to fly. 

Team New Zealand gang went on a charge with Burling , Tuke and Davies taking advantage of their Dna fine tuning. Peter Burling is leading 2 points ahead of Andrew Landenberger and a 7 point gap with Scott Anderson.

What can we say about these to old guys? Both riding in late 2012 standard equipment:  C boards + winglets on their Exploders are keeping their top 3 spots again, performing in the entire range you can possibly course race 5, 10 or 20 knots.
Truly a strong statement against all the ACup / Top Gun players and their latest developments pushing the limits to take the crown.

Nothing has changed regarding the need to have an all around perfromance and equipment. And I'm glad Takapuna already provided some excellents days to prove this.

Sailors shouldn´t worry that much I think, the A-Class is peaking every year, the high competitive racing we are seeing even now with all the development , plus the promotion and exposition the As are getting are only good news.