Jan 6, 2014

G4: First 'Flying' Racer-Cruiser?

When the project was launched, the guys told me the boat could fly by design. But is was not like a full targeted main goal. Now PJ Dwarshuis , head at Holland Composites / Dna and responsible for the building process, is telling me that the boat will definitely will fly in the right hands... Say Mischa, Barker or Spithill?! Quite an ambitious project I must say, as combining foiling capabilities and sailing for pleasure with full accommodations onboard a light composites cat it is a challenge no one has ever attempt till now.  

A detail to look for will be the helm system. The AC45s have tillers, Oracle AC72 had in its first version too, as designers might thought it would provide a more sensitive control, but the Kiwis went directly to the traditional wheel and it looked the right choice, later same system was adopted by team Usa.
Being a Flying 40' and with the experience of the 72s, plus the Cruiser combo goal, maybe a wheel could be suitable for the G4 too? Taking account also it will have a pedal to control hydraulics?
Below an update of the project from PJ:

"We are working hard on the Gunboat G4 project , finalizing the last design details.
The moulds are underway now , the boat will be awesome .
The first Cruiser which will not be boring at all. That's for sure . The first Cruiser Racer which will have the touch and feel of an beach cat, but the comfort of a cruiser when you want it.
The G4 will be capable of full flying in the hands of experts and right conditions and gently foil assisted fast cruising , for those who just want to be fast and easy.
This is a challenging boat for those who want to learn every time a bit more and they will never be bored with it...

Our challenge is to develop the boat in such a way that the boat is suitable for series production , and keeping the ultra performance spec . A kind of full blood luxury sportscar so to say. Every detail will be thougth over and innovative .

The board shape, the slider system , the rake -adjustable T-foil rudders , capable of sailing also halfway up, the rig with three headsails for a the whole range from 0-35 knts
The hydraulic mainsheet system which will be operated by a foot pedal instead of the standard hand pump.
This will be ergonomic and ideal for shorthanded high performance sailing .

New renderings will be available in 1/2 weeks , because we have our hands full now on the tooling details , amd working on a tight schedule with the first boat to be launched in June this year ..."

For more info on the G4 go to www.gunboat.com

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