Jan 14, 2014

Foiling for every budget

Everybody is foiling. You don´t need to spend 30k Euros , a good home project will get you airborne. Also modifying the foils of your Tiger, F18 or N20c can do the job as published here many times.. The results on foiling for the structure of your vessel is another story.... but the main goal is always having fun, a fact sometimes forgotten by people analyzing if X or Y new project will form a class or will sell in numbers.

Images sent by F16 Australian Nats Champ Adrian Fawcett :
"I have a friend who's made his own foiling cat in his backyard on a very limited budget. Its not completely stable yet but it also doesn't have any wings on the rudders either.

This is Wills first try at this and amazingly it works.
A bit of background on the boat. It is called Arrow and is an inexpensive cat class with a dedicated following in Australia. Its almost exclusively build by amateur home builders. It has a 50 kg platform minimum weight and is 14 ft long. Its very fast without foils but foiling adds a fun extra dimension."

Foil detail below. Rudders are standard.