Jan 15, 2014

CSN Boat of the Year 2013 Poll

In 2012 I selected ETNZ AC72 as Boat of the Year. For 2013 I had some doubts so I will put it to vote. I Didn´t found yet a reliable voting system, as FB previous one was erased, so we will use 'Likes' in a CSN FB Album.
Voting till Jan 31st. Vote Liking your boat Here

Nacra 17:
When they showed the prototype I said that the N17 was going to be the candidate to beat for becoming the new Olympic boat. Bold move by Nacra together with Pete Melvin from Morrelli & Melvin on optimizing the F18 concept adding curved boards taken from their F20c , less weight and a carbon mast. Rig is almost the same, and the hull was cut some cms to differentiate it from the 18 footers.
The boat proved itself a success beyond some usual initial hardware problems, and I think no one is complaining now. Every feedback I have is excellent. The Nacra 17 was the right choice in times where we saw the incredible performance of the AC72s. Only detail with want some winglets to have some even more spectacular racing. Image Team Zajac-Frank

Cammas-Groupama C-Class:

This boat was born inside the Flying Phantom project, but the concept was optimized further by Groupama Design team along the Sail Innovation's to achieve a remarkable deed: Competing against proven floating mode C-Class cats in every condition from 5 to 25knots. Making it the perfect foiling solution to date. It also grabbed the look & feel of ETNZ AC72 as designer Guillaume Verdier was working for both projects.
Although Fischer / SI Flying Phantom was the seed planted even before ACup flying 72s , coming from Martin's MayFly A Cat, Martin also worked as part of the Groupama C-Class deign team. Finally it was a synergy between the two projects and each gave feedback to improve the concept.

I didn´t put the FP as an option for 2013 as with the progress we are seeing, the Production launch weeks ago and a possible OD class in the making it will surely became The candidate for 2014. Image Cammas-Groupama

Oracle AC72:
They followed the leader, and they finally surpassed them in the most dramatic ACup and one of the most spectacular sport events in history. Many thought that Oracle was faster by design but they couldn´t achieved the desired performance until they were 1-8 against the Wall for the Cup.
The potential was there, Oracle design & shore teams re build the boat from the ashes after a hard capsize, they modified several times its foiling and platform conf to finally deliver superior performance against the boat that pioneered the three foil stable flight. Image Gilles-Martin Raget

To vote for your favorite, just click a Like in the selected boat image at CSN FB Boat of the Year Album.

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