Jan 2, 2014

Chopping the A: Worth it?

If you still were wondering how new J boards fit the Dnas (check image below) left you have a daggercase ready to be retrofitted. Extreme measure for an over night gain taking account of the added performance proven to date. But of course if you want to fly legally downwind in the breeze it might be an useful modification.

Right now at the Australian Nats for ie Chris Cairns is holding 7th overall with a 2nd, a 3rd three more top ten on 8 races with an 'old' Tool with standard short straight daggers and no Winglets. So before chopping your current A remember you need some training & talent to improve.
Nevertheless Takapuna Worlds will have an additional result to analyze on the first year of J's board performance. 

The DNA guys did have some serious development / testing and they are quite confident they are the next step. Achieving a legal flight and a 3rd with Manuel Calavia at Barcelona it is very good start. This is the analysis they did after the Europeans http://dnacat.blogspot.com.ar/2013/07/lessons-learned-evaluation-of-j-boards.html
Lets see if they stand the time test as become standard as winglets did.

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