Dec 27, 2013

Nacra 17: Lange & Cecilia Carranza sailing @BA

All images courtesy Ceci Carranza. taken by Luis Horacio Canuto || As we informed past week in fb/twitter, Santi Lange was taking a ride on the new Olympic cat at BA waters. He was sailing with Ceci Carranza, former Laser Olympic campaigner who also started racing N17 in 2012. They went out with some excellent Southeast conditions for the Nacra 17 to show its power, specially downwind.

It was an opportunity for Lange to sail the N17. I had the chance to follow them with the rib, but preferred to stay put and let them sail, next time we will have some video footage for sure. In my behalf I hope they can be part of the current Arg team towards Rio 2016. Lets see how things develop.
Whichever the case additional promotion for Catracing here in Arg.