Nov 12, 2013

Transat Jacques Vabre: Multis 50s Maitre Jacques & Arkema, Out

Images Pierrick Contin , Jesus Renedo & Vincent Olivaud. Maitre Jacques lost an amas, Excerpt from : "Any an idea why this happened?
Loïc Féquet: "We exchanged feedback with our team and the architect of the boat. It is difficult to say, but it seems that the age of the vessel, launched in 2005, is a fairly the plausible cause.

When the float broke, we did not have the hellish conditions and we sailed in order to preserve the it. We were at 100 ° to the wind, with two reefs and staysail, there were 20 to 25 knots, and the sea was handy. It had nothing to do with the really tough conditions encountered there two years ago on this same Transat Jacques Vabre.

One possible cause is that there was also a one day point of impact at a maneuver or because of a big wave and it has created a weak point ... " Full report at

Multi 50 Arkema stabilized after capzise: "At 2158hrs UTC ( 2258hrs French time) this Sunday evening race direction of the Transat Jacques Vabre double handed race from Le Havre to Itajai, Brazil received a call from Yann Elies the co-skipper of nearby FenêtréA Cardinal (0.5 miles away) to inform them that the Multi 50 trimaran Arkema - Aquitaine had capsized

At 2204hrs UTC (2304hrs French) Arkema – Aquitaine’s co-skipper Mayeul Riffet also contacted the race director by Iridium phone to inform them that all was well aboard the capsized trimaran.."  More info at