Nov 19, 2013

St Barth CataCup 2013

One of the great benefits of hiring a Pro Photographer for your event is the exponential level of exposure & promotion. A bar you wouldn't  get in any other way no matter how great your venue/event is.

Pierrick Contin sending his images some years ago was the reason why we all got to  know (beyond the french sailors travelling in the past 'unknown' years ..) about St Barth Catacup. And then came Manu Duclos videos / Easy Ride , 2012 version above.

Another edition in Paradise, this year with Cammas & Bundock attending. Bundy will rest after the ACup win, while Carolijn Brouwer (She came here last year) continues to do all the hard work with the SCA Volvo Team! 

If you still wondering what the fuzz is all about on this regatta just check the St Cata Cup label below.

The only problem with these guys is that they still don´t get the message!: When we are going to have an F18 Worlds there??!  I will keep pushing until we have it organized. That will be the epitome of the Class for sure. Daily reports to come. Event website at