Oct 1, 2013

F18: English Channel Cross Record by Durand-Effert

Flying in the AC and smaller cats is challenging. But making this type of crossing will remain a true sailing display of guts and mostly endurance. Kudos to F18 sailors Pierre-Yves Durand & Eric Deffert.
Report by Pierre / AHPC.
AHPC Mad Man and proud French sailor Pierre-Yves Durand has send his C2 across the English Channel smashing the previous record set in 2011 by more than 45min.
Sailing with Eric Deffert the guys set out last Friday from Plymouth England and arrived 6h57m20s later in Roscoff France.
These boys have never shied away from a challenge and are some of the happiest guys you will see on the F18 circuit. Keep up the good work and positive influence you are having on the sport!!

Bellow is the report from Pierre
“I take the ferry Wednesday last week between Roscoff Plymouth. Thursday we sailed with Eric DEFFERT on Plymouth and we made some pictures for the start.

We cross Friday morning; we leave Plymouth at 7h26 (English time) 8h26 French time. It was very long and difficult because sea and swell was really hard. Not clean with waves everywhere and with every direction.
20 to 25 knots of wind. 14,5 knots during all the cross. We stay all time on the boat, no trapeze. Security is more important. I never took water in my face like in this challenge. We were really happy to arrive and to eat cakes :)

We made a new record : 6h57min20s. Yvan Bourgnon with Jarine Baillet did it in 2011 in 7h42min30s.
After many hours with press TV and radio, i took the road to Arradon for the Catagolfe." 

Video Here