Sep 1, 2013

Youth Americas Cup Speed Trials

The German Team All In, was almost All Out when their Federation left them without support. But the kids got outside help and managed to be present at SF, glad they could make it. Experience of a Lifetime for all the youth teams. Guys in suits should not cut kids dreams on their own fears...
Racing starts today Sunday 11:00AM SF Time.
More info at

RBYAC Speed Trial results:
1. All In Racing GER) - 23.91 knots
2. Objective Australia (AUS) - 23.87 knots
3. Team USA45 Racing (USA2) - 23.38 knots
4. TEAM TILT SAILING (SUI) - 22.90 knots
5. Full Metal Jacket Racing (NZL1) - 22.76 knots
6. Swedish Youth Challenge (SWE) - 22.49 knots
7. American Youth Sailing Force (USA1) - 22.42 knots
8. Next World Energy Energy Team France (FRA) - 22.00 knots
9. ROFF Cascais Sailing Team (POR) - 21.96 knots

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