Sep 4, 2013

Red Bull Youth Americas Cup: New Zealand Young Guns take it All

Images Abner Kingman / ACEA. In the 7th race NZ teams ended 4 & 5 both coming from dead last in some point of the race , showing their talent & thus extending their lead in the overall. Only one race was completed due to wind limits surpassing +20 knots. The Kiwis clinched the two top spots after an incredible recovery an literally match racing each other, acting like the rest were mere scenery, though they pushed hard all the way through the regatta, fighting for first overall they managed to get 4&5 to finally  secure the two top spots.

Hope Red Bull continues to support this Youth event in the future.  It is fun to watch, provides a perfect platform for future sailing stars and it is simply a great event altogether. New Zealand kids also sent a message to their AC72 fellow countrymen: "If we can do it, you'd better win the big one too"

Portuguese were 3rd, no one took them seriously I guess, but in the Trials they showed their potential. Keep an eye on those guys. Australia with another good 3rd ending the event in a nice way after an awful start.

All teams demonstrate great handling on the 45s, they will took home one of the best experiences ever for Youth sailors, (if not the greatest), a story to tell their kids when they'll grow old. 

Which ever wins the Cup must keep this event alive
The AC45s and this Youth Cup are pure success, we just need an Epic final between OR and TNZ to close the circle beyond all critics.
Next Cup should be raced in smaller cats than the 72s, whichever the size no grinders should be used, all must be done just like on the AC45s...Sailing at its best.
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