Sep 27, 2013

Following the Leader they became the Master

Images ACEA / Ricardo Pinto & Gilles Martin Raget. This Cup was so over that I didn´t doubt a second on assigning the Cup to NZ when they were 8-1. It wasn't a matter of subjectivity at that point, or who we liked better, the Cup was a closed deal.
Then Oracle made the impossible a reality. I was happy already with the event and what we've saw until that moment, that was enough to close critics mouths for enternity, but what came later was simply off the scale.

How wrong we all were when thinking this was over, so to finalize the "Follow the Leader" posts 1 & 2, it is due to end this post series giving Oracle (one more time) the recognition they deserve. Their Design saw its peak in the final races, and the entire Team took it beyond the already high bar established by the first proven Course Racing Foiler Cat pioneered by Emirates Team New Zealand.

Next week experts feedback to try to understand the Next level achieved by Oracle AC72 MKII.
Also watch closely Cammas-Groupama C-Class ...