Sep 15, 2013

Americas Cup: Out of this World Catamaran Racing

They don´t want to call it 'Sailing', so no problem, Catamaran Racing then. No words again to describe what we witnessed today Live. You just need to see Races 9 & 10 again. Specially the last one, timed link here. Image Guilain Grenier.
On the racing itself Oracle found new speed, upwind foiling, plus roll tacks a la NZ and won with 'ease' the first one by 47 sec gap!
In the second race NZ won the start, led to mid windward leg where Oracle came again from behind to pass them full speed (34knots upwind!?) to reach both to the windward mark with 1 sec gap for Oracle.Then NZ got a favored side and won just by 15 secs, but it was a heartbreaking race all the way.

Finally Oracle got the status I thought they would have and remarked several times, they were faster today upwind and downwind, but that was not enough to win both races. The trustful Tractor and NZ crew showed the same will, the same focus, the same ability to come back than Spithill and OR crew and ended the day with their 7th win, only two let for them to win the Cup.

I posted today that Dean Barker was a Class Act and after an amazing display of power, speed and skills from both teams he also reached the most logical conclusion any reasonable person can do at this stage:

"If you didn't enjoy today's racing out there, then you should probably watch another sport!" -Dean #BARKER skipper #ETNZ
— America's Cup (@americascup) September 15, 2013

In the broadcast and earlier to Scuttlebutt, Gary Jobson himself and in contrast to some other blind fellows recognized: "We have now seen more passing in this Cup than any other Americas Cup dating back to the first defense in 1870." - Those are the kind of people I respect the most, going brutal honest against his own past/pack. Again, you can´t like Multis and all Ok, but you just can't deny that all the myths builded over a card house were debunked by the end plate effect of the AC72 flying by.

An Historical day for the Americas Cup and Catamaran Racing thanks only to two great teams. You could not ask for more in this Cup, well just one thing maybe: Having Bart Simpson at the Bay watching with Nathan Outterirdge and Artemis crew how their OR & NZ mates blasted San Francisco waters to put on a Show that will never be forgotten, just like his memory of course. Sail on Bart.