Sep 3, 2013

AC Open: SUP & Outrigger Canoe

All images Gilles Martin Raget. One of the first sports I did as kid was Kayaking & Rowing at my local club. Living in a Delta filled with rowing clubs, plus my grandfather being a trainer & shell builder was a natural thing to do I guess..
Now beyond the more traditional Olympic disciplines our Delta & little brown sea (Rio de la Plata) is being occupied by Outriggers, Hawaiian canoes, SUPs , sea Kayaks and this summer we will add Surfskis to the list. I'm also launching a wooden Race SUP to be built like the old Tom Blake original paddle boards (I will make a post later on him). Still defining design, as there is room for many shapes right now, see pic above.

I still have to learn the specific paddle stroke finish that let you maintain a straight line... check Kai Lenny's pic below.

All paddling versions are just great training sports.
More pics at CNS FB.

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