Aug 25, 2013

Nacra 17 Europeans @Dervio: Mandy Mulder & Coen de Koning

Images Laurens Morel | The girls are winning no matter which crew they race with. Mandy won at Palma with Thij Visser , and now she repeats with Coen de Koning. To be fair with the boys their F18 Word Champ expertise might have helped too!

Dutchs continue to show their power in the new Olympic class and their program is truly an example on how things should be done to aim for a Medal.

Franck Cammas came back with Sophie de Turckheim and finished 6th. Next big event for Cammas will be C Class Championships, now more than ever in history with the right to be called the "Little Americas Cup"

Full results at
More pics later at CSN Fb. Full gallery and more info at

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