Aug 12, 2013

Groupama C-Class : TNZ "Mini Me"

Images by Ian Riou sent by Alex Udin that reports "27,4 knots with 12 knots of wind"
Last post I described the similar looks on Groupama C and TNZ AC72 and with the platform airborne it is even more clear, check the beams shape & fitting. The relation has some logic as TNZ & Groupama have Guillaume Verdier in their design teams

These of foils are like the ones tested on the F Phantom,  different from the foiils used on the C launch past week, Check previous post here.
Hydros has been flying for a month now, the Canadians are making some extreme experiments with their foils too, the Portuguese team is launching theirs soon, and I hope to see Steve Clark giving the rookie but well funded teams a run for their money.

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