Jul 22, 2013

The Man & the Machine: Bundock & Oracle AC72

All images Guilain Grenier, Click for HD. Darren Bundock and Glenn Ashby are the two main Catracing representatives in this Cup, of course we have Grand Maestre Loick Peyron too, but many of us can relate better to these two Aussies that ruled the waters together for a decade in Tornado & F18 , Glenn also dominating solo in the A-Class and Bundy being F16 World Champ in 2011.

Ashby was quoted the other say saying AC72 sailing is surreal, and his mate Bundy thinks the same:

"I just read Glenny's comments on your site. 100% agree. Every day I sail I am blown away by these boats. Steering through the gybe is such a buzz when we pull off a foiling gybe. Time is the enemy now as the boats are going faster and faster."

Bundy is Oracle multi expert Coach , raced the teams AC45s and dedicated lots of hours training the Youth Americas Cup teams , now he is currently sailing full time on Oracle's two boat program:
"I'm Getting plenty of sailing time now with the 2 boat program in full swing. Originally the goal was to do one day of 2 boat sailing and another two days of 1 boat sailing per week. Now we have the launching and retrieving process efficient and the reliability on the boats has greatly improved we are now trying to get 3 days of 2 boat sailing a week.

 My role is tactician but main role is steering the boat through and out of the gybes from the new windward side same role as Tom Slingsby on the other boat. Plus steering through the tack while the helmsman crosses. The rest of the time I am grinding the wing winch like in a floating Gym.."

Oracle is getting prepared for the Final, and seeing the Kiwis races, I'm glad OR has a two boat test to keep pushing the limits, TNZ is fast, Oracle looks even quicker , but how much faster can you go?  
Will find out soon, but I'm sure beyond speed diff , if any, we will see some incredible Matches between them. 

This time Ashby and Bundock are on different teams, but both are having the rides of their Lives.

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