Jul 11, 2013

F18 Worlds 2013: The Argies are Coming

Image: Jasper van Staveren. Great work done by the Argentine fleet. Three boats in the top 25. Mehl-Aragones 12th, Rodger-Volker 16th & Gonzalez Smith-Heuser 23rd. Mehl-Aragones got even a bullet within in top talented 184 boat fleet. 
The great thing about them performing is having two young kids, members of the Arg Youth Red Bull AC45 Team that showed off their talents at San Francisco, Nicolas Aragones and Pablo Volker among other youth currently racing in F18 , are the future of the local scene and with their dinghies campaign, the exposure at the RBYAC plus this great performance I see them racing in the Big Leagues of the Americas Cup in years to come.

And for the rest, the 'old' guys have done all an incredible job in only 5 years to put our local class up there and I'm really proud of all them.  Keep sending it!

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