Jul 4, 2013

AC34 Rudder Gate: Comfortably Safe

After seeing and listening Vsail video of Russell Coutts press conf on the rudder gate I came to the conclusion there is in fact mutual consent already to end this controversy right away:

Coutts affirms that they have designed smaller faster winglets (due to their reduced drag) , and as we have remarked several times , together with their low drag , low volume hulls plus all the videos published we know Oracle went in that direction and it is quite fast if not faster than the others.

The key point is that Coutts says they are pretty comfortable with their current setup and if the Jury denies the new rudder rules they will race as nothing happened. They feel Safe.

So Oracle is comfortable with their current setup (previous Rules changes by Murray) and New Zealand / Luna Rossa are even more comfortable with theirs, thus we have an established de facto mutual consent that these new rules are not needed.

So get together as there is no 'conspiracy theory' whatsoever as Coutts said , 'shake hands' again and stop waisting time on futile discussions and move on to racing that it is what we are all waiting to see...