Jul 7, 2013

AC34: Luna Rossa bypass racing & ETNZ Puts Pedal to the Metal

Although we understand Luna Rossa stand on having the Jury protest hearing before the race, they should have started. With a point already lost, it was a matter of free training and even a point in their pocket.
In contrast New Zealand was simply a machine, 38knots downwind, 19knots upwind floating mode.
One thing is for sure, there is no other format / boat or class that can make me watch a race with one participant.  I saw the replay (Tennis fever again here..)  and the broadcasting was good as always and the incredible thing was seeing some perfect flights while racing, no edition , all exposed. Out of this World sailing.

Emirates Team New Zealand is on a Mission. R1 Replay below. More info at Americascup.com

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