Jul 13, 2013

AC34, Louis Vuitton Cup : Luna Rossa vs New Zealand Replay

After race Update:'Boring' ? Yes
Design differences to blame? No (Same mold , same development)

But this happened at the first events with the AC45s... all the same comments were published.
And then when the level started rising for the newbies we saw a new type of Match Race: Recovering impossible lost positions from behind to score incredible wins, we saw it many times in the AC45 series, something in the past Monohull races was just plain impossible.

Luna Rossa just seemed to be easy and spreading legs, they had good speed , as fast as TNZ sometimes.
But New Zealand is just too perfect right now, on the boat and the crew.

At the end you can´t blame the Kiwis for being that good. ETNZ doesn´t care if there is close racing or not, they are on a mission to win the Americas Cup Final , is up to the rest to catch up.

First real Race of this Americas Cup edition. Although the solo races were a blast too. Marking an incredible milestone in Sailing, imagine how interesting could be having the old monohulls ""blasting"" alone SF Bay ... but well I'm sure some known anti multi lobbiers would be mesmerized by that 'Show'...

Leaving those bitter people aside, tune CSN today to see Live at 12:15 (SF Time) this historic first race between the 'Flying Tractors',  surely a design platform that will mark an Era beyond any final result on this Cup for being an easy High Wind rider and smooth flyer out of the box.

Morrelli & Melvin are part of ETNZ design team and the F18 Infusion  legacy is quite clear in this 72' Cat.
Interesting how many told me that you could Not compare both classes due to the scales, and at the end it all came to modifying rules at the last minute to literally  "avoid pitchs"... 

In the F18 we learned that a decade ago when the Bolougne brothers went high volume on their original Cirrus to be able to push the boat harder in the breeze. Later the wave piercers/inverted bows came to play to put volume upside down generating a semi planning mode but they failed with a too easy pitch pole tendency above 18knots.

In 2006, Pete Melvin & Nacra launched the Nacra Infusion that merged the Cirrus high wind margin with the added upwind performance of  new wave piercers setting a trend for Course racing Cats that was followed by many and even taken to the extreme with the latest Cirrus R (updating their original concept), a process that ended with  Emirates Team New Zealand AC72 design Pinnacle.

Full LV & AC Final Schedule at http://www.americascup.com/schedules .Images ACEA / Gilles Martin Raget . Click for HQ.

Meanwhile check Raphael Censier latest legal A-Class foiling tests... Watch out with this Kid... more info on Monady http://youtu.be/wG2ssW2XsgU?t=1m14s

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