Jun 14, 2013

M32 Cup @Oslo, Norway

Great circuit organized with Marstrom 32 cats, pushing 30´ foot range cats like the GC32 guys are doing. Just one commnent beyond already much been said on the M32 not using a Jib, but if the teams are going to use their Spis/Code Zero as fake Jib in calm winds.....
Sent by Peter Gustafsson from Blur.se & Project Manager for the M32 Cup.
that started last weekend in Oslo, Norway. More info at facebook.com/pages/Marstrom-Composite-AB/159632827401559

"The M32 Cup It's is a professional sailing series run in the cool Marström 32 with some of the best sailors in Scandinavia; olympic champion Fredrik Lööf and a great mix of AC-, VOR and match-racing sailors mixed up with young talent. The boat is just great for this type of sailing. Weighing in at around 500 kg it's fully powered up in 3-4 knots of breeze! This guarantees fun and exciting sailing in the summertime as well as inside the cities.

One distance race was part of the Færder

Race where we sailed through 750 boats to our finish inside Oslo.

For the first event we had four boats; Fredrik Lööf, Mattias Rahm, Nicklas Dakhammar and Klabbe Nylöf. This weekend we'll add another boat skippered by Hans Wallen, Tornado sailor with an olympic silver in Star. Great line up.
We started out in Oslo, where we raced just of Aker Brygge inside the city. After 15 races including two distance races, just one point separated the two top teams, with Fredrik Lööf coming out on top. In the last race, there was  just 2 seconds between first and third. When all teams learn how to race the boat, this will be truly spectacular!

Coming in first to the race village. There's a speed limitation inside the city, but we had permission for racing. Then suddenly, the sailors started showing off to the public lining the docs and sitting in restaurants. After calls from the police and authorities the following call was heard on the VHF: "All boats. All boats. This is race management. Stop fooling around!". 

Light and simple, the Marström 32 "hot rod" have really taken off. It's the right size (being able to put 3 in a 40' container) and can be hauled behind a normal car. There's five boats in Newport (photos) under the lead of Ken Read, we'll be six boats in august and there's 3-4 more around the world.

Now there's talk of a winter series in Miami. I'm in!"

Peter Gustafsson from Blur.se & Project Manager for the M32 Cup.

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