Jun 18, 2013

F18 Italian Nats 2013: Bissaro-Cesari Champs

The original 2011 Dark Horses are back. Vittorio Bissaro & Lamberto Cesari were F18 Youth World Champs and I labeled them as DH candidates for 2011 Worlds at Balaton, where they delivered a great 3rd behind Bundock-Van Leeuwen and Heemskerk-Tentij. Later on Cesari abandoned racing to complete his studies, and Vittorio continued sailing with an ex Laser sailor, Carlo de Paoli. Recently Vittorio also embarked in the Olympic dream with Silvia Sicouri.

But for this Nats and next Worlds at Grosseto, Italy Bissaro & Cesari gathered together again for the old good times. A win in the Nats on their Hobie Wildcat will get them amped for the Worlds, and they are one of the Italian hopes to grab the title for the locals.
Carlo de Paoli (Wildcat) helmed for Stella (2006 Nat Champ) this time and ended on an excellent 3th place overall... putting presure on their friends with a bullet , two 2nds some other top results. 2nd place was for Paschalidis-Dyrssen (C2)

Full results only available here  

Also Luca Filippi's Banga custom F18 (Photo above) was launched in this event, the boat looks good and they will work to refine tuning for the Worlds.

The Italian fleet is getting ready for July 5th, 181 boats already registered for Grosseto http://2013.f18worlds.com/
One detail, this time Bissaro & Cesari will not go as Dark Horses, the experience is already there so they will have the pressure to excel in home waters infront their own crowd.

Italy has one of the largest F18 fleets in the World thanks to the hard work of the local class members, and it is time for them to have an F18 World Champ. Pierre Sicouri for sure will be cheering & following them from above...

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