Jun 30, 2013

AC34 & the "Rudder Gate": ETNZ Already Won...

Above: Dean Barker on the incoming racing and a little frustrated on the latests rules developments--
There is a simple way to view in perspective these last minute design rule changes
Who ever needs them has failed in the Design competition, as having a Regatta Director coming to rescue 4 days before the start of the event it is a flat shame for all the R&D hours and hard work invested in this Cup edition.

If these changes are not overruled by the International Jury we can affirm that Team New Zealand has won the Design competition established with the original rules beyond any further racing result.
I'm preparing a post with a known Naval Architect/Design Studio, to have a professional view of the details & implications of these last minutes design changes.

There is No excuse whatsoever to discover after all this time that you need a safe design to ride at San Francisco in 25knots. All knew it, and all took their chances and design compromises.
If some have discover or think  they are not prepared, they should not race if conditions not suit them.
End of the Story.

Stay tuned for more. Meanwhile you can read Dean Barker comments on this at kiwiyachting.co.nz/dean-barkers-blog/8-days-lvc : "....We also took design compromises to allow us to build a boat which would foil in a stable and reliable fashion. The compromise was often straight line speed, but a compromise we felt necessary for safety and the ability to push the boat hard...."

I have wrote like 100 post remarking the the exact same concept since the boat dimensions & venue were announced. 

You don´t need to be Einstein not even a Engineer genius to preview what was going to happen, and you had 2 options: 
1- Going for control in 25knots 
2- Gambling to optimize drag & speed to the max

Luna Rossa & New Zealand chose the first one, Oracle chose the latter. So lets just see who has done the best homework to race at San Francisco, but on the water and as established by the original rules.