Jun 4, 2013

100 A-Cats for Europeans 2013 to be held at Barcelona, June 22-29th

Image Roberto Vuilleumier , Euros 2012. | 97 Boats already registered for Barcelona. 2012 Edition at Garda also had one hundreds As, the same for the FL Worlds. Last Europeans were won by Andrew Landenberger. Landy had an another accident recently but he is ready now to defend his title.
So we'll see again the 'Old guard' against the new with current World Champ Mischa Heemskerk (Landy was vice champ) and his new downwind flying technique.

Other candidates are Manuel Calavia, Chris Field , Ben Moon, Steve Brewin (returns after a tough back injure while racing F18) ,  plus the entire top 10 at Garda and I will put Thilo Keller & Thomas Paasch as "Dark Horses" for the top 5. (Edit: Thomas is not going so as he told we will be a 'very dark horse!)  Florida was a special 'Hurricane' event , so lets hope to have some good conditions at Barcelona.

Notice of Race at www.a-cat.org
Event Website www.vela.cat

The DNA guys are offering two boats to charter, contact them at  dnacatamaran.com/ (Arno: Give a call to Cammas & Gabart..?!)
D3 first boat production is underway too, more info at  a-cat.org/?q=node/230
Any other boats to charter send info and I'll publish it.

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