May 27, 2013

French crews in control @Delta Lloyd Regatta: Vaireux-Audinet 1st, Ogerau-Vandame 2nd

All images Sander van der Borch / Full gallery at CSN FB. Even before the N17 events
started the Dutch & French crews  were favorites and they are confirming the stakes.  This time the French took the podium on 'enemy' land , relegating the locals to 3rd and 4th.
Three events and three diff winners, marking the level this Olympic Class has. The top teams were again in the top ten but no one has a guarantee podium.
After a no show at Palma and Hyeres Australia presented 4 crews , with Waterhouse-Darmanin on an excellent 6th overall.

There is a bit of injustice with sailing related to other sports as here only one team will represent their country flag, and it is clearly that at least two should be allowed to participate. More taking account the work involved to classify and to even win a medal, sailing for sure is on of the toughest sports regarding that aspect in the Olympics.

Top ten below , Full results at

P Flag Sail Skipper R1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10IRSMR1 Pts
1  FRA FRA65 VAIREAUX Moana (RAF)534152182 1 3
2  FRA FRA63 OGEREAU Audrey 8212(9)83623 2 5
3  NED NED 44 GROENEVELD Renee 398762(RET)474 3 7
4  NED NED40 MULDER Mandy 1121(5)11211 6 7
5  SWE SWE12 SHUWALOW Tim 44(14)62691096 4 10
6  AUS AUS36 WATERHOUSE Jason 277347(OCS)1345 5 10
7  AUT AUT35 ZAJAC Thomas 58105(14)47966
8  GBR GBR56 MACGREGOR Lucy 71112118(15)6351
9  NED NED46 DELNOOZ Elke 61211137(14)8734
10  ESP ESP108 MARTINEZ Iker (OCS)34101235DNFDNC3

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