May 3, 2013

Eurocat 2013 @Carnac: C1 & C3 Results

As reported not much info or images this year for a massive event like the  Eurocat. In the C1 Class Emmanuel Le Chapelier & Eric Le Bouedec took first place on a Viper on a class with F104 , F16s and Tornados.

On the C3 Robert Solune & Riwan Perron were first by one point over Alexandre Moline-Florian Ravon and other 2 cres with same final score. In this Class you have SL16, H16s and others.  Great nr of SL16s, the isaf Youth Cat.

Full Results at

No more pics on the C1/C3 than prize givings and a few of the SL16s like the one above. Images Yacht Club Carnac.

On the F18 I received many requests on which boats were on the top ten, I updated the post with some here

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