May 13, 2013

Artemis: Statement from Nathan Outteridge

Statement by Nathan Outeridge:
"The description of the accident in the Newcastle Herald while quoting my father is not correct and does not reflect the facts. Unfortunately it has been relayed by other media. Right now, we are all still mourning and working to understand what happened. I hope everyone can respect this and I thank all those who have expressed support."

This is one of the reasons I wrote this earlier today and how I prefer to wait to know the real facts and not getting involved on a bitter 'inquisiton'. If you've been reading the website for a while you'll know that I've been really critic on Artemis performance beyond having lots of Argies in the team.

But again, with tragic human losses involved the opinion/critics little innocent game is out of place and is better to stop the ball and not hurry on fast words.  
I'm in awe of some people using this tragedy to force a previous agenda, like  incredible posts I'm reading from a known sailing website. Even SA was quite centered on their front page, forums are somehow ok, but sailing news website have some responsibility on keeping things under control & double checked at least for a decent mourning period.

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