Apr 11, 2013

Registration for St Barth CataCup 2013 lasted 9 minutes

I began promoting St Barth Catacup thanks to the great images Pierrick Contin started sending in 2009. Now St Barth Catacup is the most exclusive event in the Catracing scene, as only 50 slots are available each year, and the last registration period from last week was over in 9 minutes. So There is a bunch of people waiting to shoot the keyboard to get a spot.

Pierrick Contin's images are the reason for this event success.

So if you were planning to go this year, better start thinking ahead for 2020...? Maybe they should start making local qualis!?  I 'demanded' several times for an F18 Worlds there, but they won´t listen!  Kidding, there are some logistics issues, but I think we can reserve the entire Island for the F18 Class for two weeks?

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