Apr 23, 2013

Hyeres World Cup: 'Rookies' leading the pack

Three races today, and the rookies are on fire. Elke Delnooz-Coen de Koning lead, followed 1 point behind by Franck Cammas-Sophie de Turckheim . Groeneveld-Begemman & Zajak-Franck tied with Cammas in points for 3rd/4th.
Close racing at the top, and this class is becoming a tough field with too many talented sailors aiming for an Olympic slot.
Petitjean-Backes struggling in their racing debut being 24thh overal after 5 races.
I think Cammas should race the F18 & A-Class Worlds this year to have a complete catracing schedule. Image: Jean Marie Liot / DPPI / FFVOILE. Full results at http://sof.ffvoile.net/results/nacra.htm

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