Apr 9, 2013

Gaastra to sponsor Round Texel

Good news for the organization of the biggest cat race on Earth. release sent by Jasper Van Staveren.
Gaastra committed for 3 years for 36th edition of Round Texel
"Focus on quality and content for 'The biggest cat race'

The omens are favorable when it comes to the 36th Round Texel. Besides many enthusiastic sailors who applaud the new design and the positive enrollment to date, also gets Gaastra as clothing sponsor for the largest catamaran race worldwide. Gaastra committed for this sponsorship for a period of three years. Nothing seems to stop a succesful 36th edition of Round Texel.

"Best and Biggest '- Round remains King Song

The organization of Round Texel is also committed to continue the status of 'best catamaran race' by focusing on quality and content. Cooperation with Gaastra as clothing sponsor contributes directly to this. Research among the participating sailors in 2012 showed that this 'back to basics' approach is highly appreciated by the participants. This focus is motivated by the loss of a main sponsor of the Round Texel for 2013.

New sponsor and existing partners

As said, this world famous event has no main sponsor for the event yet, but the organization is proud to announce Gaastra for this edition of Round Texel as their Official Partner and Clothing supplier. With the support of Gaastra as the largest Dutch brand in watersports and partner Boskalis, the organization of the Round Texel Sailing Week is looking with confidence to the future. It should also be mentioned that previously sponsor Zwitserleven in 2012 has reserved a contribution for the 2013 edition after the end of the collaboration. In addition, the Tourist Information Texel is again a highly valued partner in the organization of the Round Texel Sailing Week this year.

Focus on sailing

So the focus is back on even more quality, safety and enjoyment of sailing for all participants. This will be at the expense of some additional activities in previous years more focused on the spectators, sponsors and fans than the sailors themselves.

Wind and Kite Surfing
Also knew the Sailing Week in the past a slalom windsurfing event. That will not be the case in 2013, but the aim of the organization is to these more extreme and affordable beach sailing along with kite surfing in the future structural adding to the Round Texel Sailing Week.

Text: Jeroen Romkema (Round Texel)
Photo: Jasper van Staveren

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