Apr 30, 2013

Eurocat 2013 @Yacht Club Carnac

Not much wind on the first day of course racing and only 2 races were completed.In the F18 , one of the dutch Olympic teams and winners at Palma, Mandy Mulder-Thijs Visser are leading followed by Vendee Globe master Francois Gabbart-Matthieu Vandame. Great debut for both crews in the class, and transparent transition for Gabbart to the F18s, although he is a Tornado sailor also.

Left: Nice representation of what is the F18, beyond some past complains... four different designs in one shot: Shockwave, Phantom, Infusion & Wildcat... and I still have to witness an entire regatta or World Championship where an F18 design is responsible for the win beyond sailors ability.

Below IF18CA President Oliver Bovyn, Francois Gabart  Matthieu Vandame & Class chief measurer / co-founder Pierre Charles Barraud.
Each design excells in x condition but a 100% superior boat in every wind range has not been built yet, as it quite hard to get around the 180kg weight limit and the Box Rule measures, if someone builds an F18 winning every single race or event only on design superiority everyone would be buying one, and that is not the case today. Although you might wait for the F18OP...(ha!)

In the long distance Tibault Vauchel Camus- Benjamin Lamotte first on a Cirrus, with 2012 Dark Horses Oskar Zeekant-Karel Begemann 2nd (C2), and Francois Dubourg- Therry Jenouvier 3rd. (Infusion)

Right now course racing is cancelled due to high winds.

- Long Distance yccarnac.com/uploads/pdf/eurocat%202013/resulats/PROVISOIRE%20RAID%202.pdf
- Course Racing: yccarnac.com/uploads/pdf/eurocat%202013/resulats/courses1.2F18.pdf

- Full Results for all Classes Here 
- More images and info at YCCarnac FB: https://www.facebook.com/YachtClubCarnac 

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