Apr 19, 2013

AC45s @Naples 2013: Ainslie leads

The AC45sare definitely the standard nowadays for this kind of events. I think Turner and Bertarelli should buy the entire fleet for next year and unify the two series, all beyond any ACup future deal.

The broadcast was good as always, although Mitch was training the China Team guys on the water,  and again Ben Ainslie showed he has an extra gear. First in the MR against Energy, where Guichard left humiliated the Olympic master with a perfect start. Way behind BAR racing chose the other side of the course and manage to recover in great form, but it was also Energy team fault too as they didn´t cover.

Then in the race fleets another excellent performance winning the second race to grab lead overall.
As seen in his debut and looking forward to AC35 and a british team, Ainslie is looking quite good at Catracing.

Bundock is coaching OR and Slingby did well too, although he blew out a good lead on the lack of experience with boundaries.

Full Live replay in previous post. Image Gilles Martin Raget. More info a full resutls at http://www.americascup.com/

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