Mar 14, 2013

Oracle 72 Training 13-3-2013, vid by Andrew Wisner

Better than having a webcam, is having these videos from Andrew Wisner, currently filming in HD Oracle 72 Sessions.
In  last videos from the NZ camp,  ETNZ was performing a la Oracle, super fast but without much control, and Luna Rossa was somehow slower but quite steady, like ETNZ previous mode.
Don´t take me wrong, I like Oracle and what they are doing, but I have like a constant sense of fragility from them, check this video for instance.
We all want to have several races in the Finals, and not a demolition Derby. 

It is great though seeing crude unedited footage, as the one published by Sail-World, gives a real status of how the teams are doing, but worst is not sailing at all, tough task ahead for Artemis.

Also check this webcam posted in comments

Edit:: Maybe the lack of smoothness on Oracle AC72 is caused by the catfoling learning curve? @Vsail vid of Spithill Moth ride :

fb video