Mar 31, 2013

Olympics: Trofeo Princesa Sofia starts on Monday April 1st

Great milestone for Multis after first official event in Miami. But here in Palma the N17 fleet will have +35 boats, with the majority of the 2016 candidates excluding Petitjean-Backes and the Gaeblers that withdraw due to Roland's mother passing away this past weekend.

Today they had the practice race, and tomorrow Monday the 1st official Multihull event in Europe will take place after the shameless boycot suffered in 2006.
Seeing these great images is such a nice feeling for those that lobbied hard within ISAF to get multis back.

One person that worked hard in the background was Nick Dewhirst, at the time chairman of the UK Catamaran Racing Association and Gral Sec of the commando formed  Multihull World Council, he must be remembered, among others, as one of the key player on this comeback.
All crews racing:

And I'm more than proud to have 3 Argentine crews (two with pending debut) following Santi Lange-Camau Espinola Olympic path... Let me stay out of the etiquette for a second and yell: "Vamos Argentina Carajo!"
Photo above: Sunday practice race start and Arg Team Carranza-Blando at the mark by MartinezSutudio/SofiaMapfre

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