Mar 13, 2013

Habemus Papam...Argentine Pope

Well that´s your proof that Maradona (Disclaimer: 100% inside a playflied) and Messi descent from God...  the F18 Open Project will Fly too and Artemis might also have some little help from above, they need it for sure..!

On a more serious comment, Bergoglio is a rather serious conservative and intelligent person, not much carisma though but with a highly critic view of our populist leftist millonaire president ways. So for us is a welcome selection to balance the hypocresy of the oxymoron that is a too vocal millonaire leftist politician class currently leading this country.
All done of course while serving in the goverment positions. In the process they have divide our society as never before.

If you are a serious left wing politician you act like Lula and now Dilma in Brazil. Lula da Silva was a low class syndical worker that reached Brazil presidency and took the country to the top.  Dilma Rouseff was a real guerrilla member, but both acting without revenge and unifying their country looking forward while holding presidency,  or like Mujica in Uruguay that was another leader of 70s revolutionary guerrilla and lives a real leftist way of life. 
Those people are highly respected cause they act in consequence and according their ideals beyond difference of opinions or positions others may have.

Sorry for the political  & religious note, but this is fresh air for us.

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